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Kotipalli Temple

Sri Someswara Swamy Temple in Kotipalli

Kotipalli Lord Shiva temple is an ancient temple. Kotipalli is located by the side of river Goutami a distributary of Godavari. From Mukteswarm – Ainavilli side river is to be crossed by ferry service to reach Kotipalli. Heavy and small vehicles can be loaded into this ferry and river can be crossed. You can leave your vehicles at river bank at paid parking space and board the ferry if you have plan to return. To cross the river Rs 25 is charged for two wheelers and Rs 150 for light four wheel vehicles. For smooth going up and coming down from the ferry wooden planks are used. More vehicles are parked in Mukteswaram side than Kotipalli as more people return to this place after crossing river.
In front of the temple there is a pond and at the center there is a big status of lord Shiva is there.
This temple closes at 12 noon and opens again at 2.30 PM 
Temple is located inside narrow but well maintained concrete lanes with houses in both sides. 
Kotipalli to Dakhshram is 11 KM , here famous Bheemeshwara Swamy temple ( one of the Pancharama ) is there. 
Nearest place to stay is Kakinada where good hotels are available. Kotipalli to Kakinada is 47 KM.
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